Online Mentorship with Greg Miller

Can’t make it to a school or workshop this year? Have a specific project you want to get feedback on right now? Prefer the one-on-one experience to the classroom? My online Mentorship program is designed so you can get professional feedback anywhere in the world when you need it.

I have over 20 years experience working with hundreds of students at leading photography programs in New York and beyond. My teaching philosophy is centered around the idea that you learn and make your best pictures when you feel authorized and safe. I work with you to find what motivates you to make the pictures you want and in a sustainable way.

Working at a time that is convenient for you, we will meet one-on-one, to view, discuss and edit your work. We discuss your aspirations for the photography that you envision, then we set goals for you to achieve those desires, while tackling technical issues as they arise. While I offer my input at every stage, the mentorship is designed by you, customizable to your needs and your timetable. The mentorship fee includes one-on-one time, plus free email and text support during the time that we are working.

While I am based in the Northeastern United States, my students range from Pakistan to Los Angeles, using a shared calendar to easily find a time that is mutually beneficial.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Get help with: 

-Fears and anxieties around talking to and photographing strangers

-Personal Vision & Portfolio Building

-Documentary Photography

-Improving intentionality around your photography (getting the picture you want, as opposed to settling for what you get)

-Book editing and sequencing

-Best practices for large format camera portraiture

-Best practices for analogue film to digital workflow (including flatbed wet scanning)

-Best Practices for using Adobe Photoshop for manipulating scans from analogue film photography

Mentorship Fee

Mentorship fee is $300/hour. Discounts available when you purchase additional hours in advance.

1 hour Remote Mentoring – $300

2 hours Remote Mentoring (10% off) – $540 $600

3 hours Remote Mentoring (15% off) – $765 $900

5 hours Remote Mentoring (20% off) – $1200 $1500

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I am in inspired by the humanity in Greg’s work as well as his approach to image-making. His mentoring has been an invaluable resource in developing my own content and technique as well as in developing myself as an artist. He has taught me not only how to make meaningful and beautiful work but also how to see and to shoot with purpose. With his help, I have learned to find and respect my own artistic vision and, maybe most importantly, how to summon the personal authorization to go out and make it.
Tracy C.


Not only was I impressed with Greg’s knowledge and help with technical aspects but his insight into human nature and relationships that brought that extra depth to a photos meaning I found helpful. During our daily group review periods his individual attention to each persons way of seeing and level was accommodated and beneficial to all. I began to see how my own photographs were becoming deeper in content.

It is Greg’s ability to see each person’s work individual and give personal feedback that I saw to be the benefit of working with him. This guidance I still apply to my work today.
Susan G.


I was immediately struck by Greg’s genuine, authentic and kind nature. Such beautiful humanistic traits gracefully paralleled his patient and hands-on teaching style. Regardless of your photography level, Greg will not stop until you are completely satisfied. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Greg!

Kevin J.

Miller has been a faculty member at the International Center of Photography in New York since 1999. He is on the faculty of the Los Angeles Center of Photography and a frequent guest lecturer for the Maine Media Workshops MFA program. He is the recipient of a 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship and his 25+ years of success in both fine art, commercial and magazine photography bring a well-rounded perspective to his instruction.