Online Mentorship with Greg Miller

Can’t make it to a school or workshop this year? Have a specific project you want to get feedback on right now? Prefer the one-on-one experience to the classroom? My online Mentorship program is designed so you can get professional feedback anywhere in the world when you need it.

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My online mentorship program was designed long before the pandemic made remote learning ubiquitous. We are able to view, discuss and edit your work by sharing the screen all at a time that is convenient for you.

The idea that you will make your best pictures if you feel authorized and safe is at the heart of my teaching philosophy. I work with you to find the thing that will motivate you to make the pictures you want, but in a sustainable fashion. While I offer my input at every stage, my mentorship is designed by you, customizable to your needs and your timetable.

We meet one-on-one via Zoom and discuss your aspirations for the photography that you envision, then we set goals for you to achieve those desires. While I am based in the Northeastern United States, my students range from Pakistan to Los Angeles, using calendly to easily find a time that is mutually beneficial.

Get help with:


-Fears and anxieties around talking to and photographing strangers

-Personal Vision & Portfolio Building

-Documentary Photography

-Improving intentionality around your photography (getting the picture you want, as opposed to settling for what you get)

-Book editing and sequencing

-Best practices for large format camera portraiture

-Best practices for analogue film to digital conversion (including flatbed wet scanning)

-Best Practices for Adobe Photoshop for analogue film photography


Still not sure? Click here to schedule a FREE, no obligation, one-on-one consultation to see if a mentorship is right for you.




Miller has been a faculty member at the International Center of Photography in New York since 1999. He is the recipient of a 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship and his 25+ years of success in both fine art, commercial and magazine photography bring a well-rounded perspective to his instruction. Additionally he is on the faculty of the Los Angeles Center of Photography and guest lecturer for the Maine Media Workshops MFA program.