Neal, 1999.

One day I saw Jesus walking down 32nd Street towards 2nd Avenue. I paused for a moment and then did what any self respecting photographer would do. I dropped whatever I was doing, grabbed my camera and ran down the street to find him. When I caught up to him he was soft spoken, agreeable and did actually know he wasn’t really Jesus. His name is Neal Thompson from Missouri and said that he had walked all the way to New York. Spending time with him he seemed very nonchalant as people did double takes and cars slowed down to get a better look. I made a few unsuccessful photographs of him, but then we passed this Christmas Tree stand and he reached out and gently touched a branch. That was it. I took him out to lunch at my local diner and we sat and talked as everyone stared at us. He explained that his wife had left him a awhile back and that he had started his journey. It appears he is still on that journey because if you google Neal+Thompson+Jesus you will see that as recently as 2010 he was kicked out of a Lutheran church in Missouri for, you guessed it, dressing up like Jesus.



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